AKC Yorkshire Terriers, Ocala, Florida 


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All About Me

I am retired.  My full time occupation is raising the best Yorkshire Terriers possible.  I am located in Marion Oaks, Ocala, Florida and sell ONLY AKC Yorkshire Terrier puppies.  My goal is to breed Yorkie puppies which closely match the AKC standard (4-7 pounds) AND, who are happy, spoiled, healthy and human and pet friendly.  Our puppies usually range in price from $950 - $2,000 depending on size and sex.    

  I have a daughter and son and 5 grandchildren.   I am a retired RN, having started my career in Trauma nursing and ended it with a Clinical Psychology practice.  My five grandchildren are currently; 3 in the military, 2 in College (One Physical Therapy and one Nursing School.

My goal as a Yorkshire Terrier breeder is to bring you beautiful, healthy, little darlings to love and cuddle. Each Yorkie comes with a heart of gold, full of energy, a huge capacity for love and a guarantee to bring love into your home.  They are also very pre-spoiled so if spoiling is not your intention these puppies may not be suited for you.  I use no crates/cages or kennels or sheds.  Each of my puppies and adults are raised in my home as a family.

The ribbon cutting of Our Heavenly Yorkies & Boutique occurred during 2005.  I am small home breeder, having only 2-3 litters per year.  At about 6 weeks of age each puppy begins to visit with the our Heavenly Yorkie family in the rest of the house.   They begin paper training in the playpen.  Some even master the use of a doggy door during this period and all learn to use the doggy steps to the sofa for napping.

They begin weaning at about 4-5 weeks.  They usually will continue with mom occasionally nursing, socializing with their littermates and "me" and our "family".  They continue to be trained by Mom in proper puppy etiquette until about 9-11 weeks.  We leave this up to Mom !!  They are well socialized by placement time.  Smaller ones may stay as long as 10-12 weeks.  Our puppies are never shipped.  They must be seen and pre-loved before the pickup date.

Once you select your puppy weekly pictures are sent to you so that you can enjoy their growth and all the changes that they make during those first 9 weeks.

 I happen to be in contact with an excellent breeders in our area so if I don't have a puppy for you one of my breeder network usually does.  No matter which breeder you choose, remember these points: 

  Does the breeder handle the puppies regularly?  Are you allowed to visit the breeder and meet the parents?

  Are the puppies raised WITH and are a part of the breeders family?

  Are the puppies kept locked down in crates or kennels or allowed to roam and learn?

  Are the puppies fully weaned and not placed until they are 8-12 weeks old minimum?

  Is there clean water and food available always to the puppies?

  Never EVER buy from a Puppy Store or Flea Market no matter how tempting or affordable the price.   A few dollars saved "will" cost thousands later.  Buy from reputable breeders !!

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Retired RN/Clinical Psychologist - Cancer Survivor

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The Spoiled life of our Yorkies

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